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All DVD quality classes are available to stream domestically and internationally. Classes stream directly to your iPad, computer or smart tv so you can watch them anywhere!

Stay tuned for more DVD's to come!  Intermediate Steele Pilates Mat, Intermediate and Advanced Steele Pilates Stability Ball classes and Teri's Trademarked PilatesSlide DVD!!  Please check back often, as they will be added frequently. 

Teri Steele takes you through the Pilates "Core Principal Alphabet" - the movements at the base of all of her Steele Pilates exercises and the movement principals integral to successfully performing Pilates exercises with accuracy and physical integrity.  She explains and shows each principal movement individually so that as you progress into the Steele Pilates exercise DVD's or classes, you will be well-equipped to impart these ideas into your practice.  

In this 1 hour 20 minute long class, Teri Lee Steele guides you slowly throughout a comprehensive, full-body Steele Pilates Mat session that incorporates the core principals imperative to understanding how to approach any Pilates program.  This class is anything but "easy", though! Once you have mastered this class, it is time to move on to any of the others I offer.  Congratulations!  You are on your way!!!

This 1 hour intermediate level mat class plays with an increased tempo and choreographed transitions - working towards endurance as well as strength with intense focus on maintaining the integrity of each and every exercise within the sequencing.  Use of increased layering of core principal movements within each exercise increases the intensity and difficulty of each exercise.  Once you master this class, it is time to move onto the Advanced Level Mat Class.  Congratulations!

This classes utilize lever length, tempo, and complex layering of core principles to modify the mat series exercises and create advanced level sequences.   This class will support the student to achieve their best and constantly push their perceived limits.  Teri applies her signature "Active Rest" sequencing to this class to challenge each student's endurance as well as strength and is similar to the advanced Steele Pilates mat classes she teaching in New York City.  If you can conquer this one, you should pat yourself on the back!!

This classes is an introduction to incorporating the stability ball into Pilates Mat exercises.  For some exercises, the stability ball will make it easier to do exercises correctly.  For others, the instability of the ball as well as the increased  or changed range of motion that it affords, can increase the difficulty of the exercises and challenge core and joint stabilization.  If you are looking for more ways to strengthen your hamstrings, inner thighs and spinal extensors, then this is the class for you!  It is also an easy way, with one piece of equipment, to totally change up your Pilates routine.  Enjoy!

The Foam Roller is useful to help bring a degree of instability as well as an increased range of motion to Pilates exercises.  Teri Lee Steele guides you through an intermediate level Foam Roller Class based upon mat exercises - but they will feel very different and more challenging!

This class uses one Theraband, a small air-filled ball and two small weighted balls ( approx. 1kg each ).  Incorporating small props will help to fire up your more muscle groups per exercises, assist in proper hip/knee/ankle alignment, as well as increase the upper body workload.  It's an affordable and space-conscious way to completely change your mat routine!

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