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Teri uses her knowledge of anatomy,  physics, exercise science and the Pilates movement principles to create sessions which are client-specific in order to address and correct muscular and postural imbalances. Utilizing the Core Principal movements of Pilates as well as an understanding of the effects of gravity on the body in specific positions, she has created a vast repertoire of Pilates exercises which consistently challenge her clients and students. She is extremely attentive to correct form while seeking to increase  muscular strength, endurance and range of motion.


STEELE PILATES truly focuses on the "how you are doing" versus the "what you are doing." There is a greater level of focus on the process rather than the product. This attention to detail enables every student to develop a positive relationship with their body - empowering them to make choices about their own movement quality and building the confidence and the desire to establish perfection. The classes are mentally and physically challenging. 


What makes STEELE PILATES unique is Teri Steele's sequencing and variations.  By incorporating the use of active rest phases into the hour session, the class moves seamlessly from one exercise into another, ultimately challenging endurance as well as muscular strength. Students leave feeling "worked from the inside out", their bodies and brains  "buzzing with energy and new information."  


To educate students so that they can re-educate their own bodies and minds is at the core of STEELE PILATES.  Teri seeks to "supportively challenge" everyone she crosses paths with.  She is happy when she sees people regain control of their bodies and movement choices.


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