Pilates Reimagined


Matwork Redefined

Reformer Reinvented

Taught By Teri Steele


Teri's classes have always been known for their innovative sequences and variations.  During the 15 years that Teri has been teaching in New York City, she has created a way to reformat Pilates mat work to resemble Reformer and Cadillac exercises.  


From simply bringing the apparatus choreography to the mat for a creative boost or using props to resemble the motion experienced on the Reformer, Teri's ReForMat classes are like no other.  She incorporates a sliding component to engage the deep core muscles and strengthens the abdominals in a more functional way.  What started as a method to train dancers who could not afford private Pilates sessions has now become a "favorite" class of many of her students - dancers and non-dancers alike.  Coming soon!  Learn to teach this unique method and become a ReForMat™ trainer!!

Teri has been developing exercises over the last 3 years using blankets, towels, and sliders to approximate many reformer exercises as well as creating new exercises using these props.  


Sliding engages the deep core muscles and trains the individual a more functional use for the abdominals in the prone, weighted placement of the body.  Now a "favorite" class of many of her students, learn to teach this unique exercises and become a ReForMat™ trainer!!


New York City's dancers love this class! 

Teri developed and has taught it at dance studios in NYC over the last 15 years.


David Regelin said "Teri's classes are any dancer's or yogi's secret weapon"



The Steele Pilates ReForMat Certification is an advanced Mat Certification designed to teach currently certified Pilates Mat and/or Apparatus instructors the ReForMat disciplines created and presented by Teri Lee Steele that reimagines Pilates apparatus exercises as a mat-based discipline. Perfect for any Pilates instructor to increase your exercise vocabulary and to recreate an apparatus session virtually or in-home with very few, space-conscious props!


Five workshop videos, each 3 hours long that teach the ReForMat disciplines of Basic/Intermediate Stability Ball, Foam Roller Exercises, ReForMat Slider Exercises, Steele Pilates Advanced Sequencing & Variations, and Advanced Stability Ball Exercises.  You also receive the course syllabuses for each workshop.  Upon completion of the lecture/demonstration videos and an online ReForMat Certification exam, you will receive the Advanced ReForMat by Steele Pilates Certification! 

The ReForMat by Steele Pilates Certification is a 20-hour course taught by Teri Lee Steele for currently certified Pilates Instructors that includes Basic through Advanced Stability Ball, Foam Roller, and ReForMat TM Slider Exercises as well as the Steele Pilates Advanced Sequencing & Variations Workshop.  ReForMatTM by Steele Pilates was created by Teri Lee Steele to reimagine Pilates Apparatus vocabulary into mat-based disciplines to broaden the instructor’s ability to re-create an apparatus session during in-home or virtual classes. 



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