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“Teri Steele's classes are both invigorating and functional. Teri's refined dialogue, skillful sequencing, and perfect pacing add up to a beautifully choreographed ass kicking!  I leave class feeling integrated and buoyant. This class is a secret weapon for anyone who uses their body in a dynamic way.”


David Regelin - Yoga Instructor, NYC.

STEELE PILATES is a truly unique approach to teaching Pilates created by Teri Lee Steele that utilizes her 25 years of experience as an athletic trainer, Pilates instructor, dance teacher and choreographer to combine conscious, controlled movements and sheer unadulterated physicality.   

Steele Pilates Classes are now available to stream anywhere, anytime!  Many classes to choose from!  Click here or go to the Store page to purchase or to preview!!

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