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Garuda Barre Class taught by Teri -Sunday at 12noon EST!

Good morning. My first live Garuda Barre Class last Sunday was so much fun! I was happy to be able to share what I have been working on during the last few months with many students and was grateful to receive wonderful feedback from those who attended. Class will again be at 12noon EST tomorrow and then, moving forward, will be at 1pm EST as I am taking more workshops that will end just before 1pm on Sundays. The link to register for tomorrow is below. Hope to see you there! I will be recording the class as well, so if you can’t make it but wish to do the class on your own time, just email me after you register and I will be sure to email you the link to the class!

Stay warm and safe! Teri Steele Owner Steele Pilates, LLC

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