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Pandemic Pilates by Teri Lee Steele

As always, I hope this email is finding everyone staying safe and healthy and getting outdoors as much as possible before the colder temperatures settle in. I had the honor to write an article for Pilates Intel, a wonderful Pilates online publication by Brett Miller, an esteemed instructor in Sweden. This is my second contribution and he specifically asked me to write about how I was dealing with teaching during the pandemic. I am including the link here to the article. I hope you enjoy it. Pilates Intel has many great articles and is a wonderful resource for any Pilates instructor or enthusiast. He has invited me to teach at his studio once the world is recovered, so I am looking forward to that opportunity as well.

I am also excited to announce that my lovely studio in midtown, Manhattan was able to reopen for private sessions and tiny group trainings. I have been teaching workshops on the Reformer and Cadillac. I had many requests to put them online, so they will be available ON DEMAND soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Fall everyone. Let keep moving as we look toward better days!

Work hard & have fun!


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