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During this pandemic, I have happily received a lot of great feedback regarding my online classes. I miss teaching people in person so much, as it really allows me to give corrections and help people get stronger and establish great form in their movements. I have received many emails with specific questions regarding exercises, equipment, training, etc, so I decided that I would open my website up to questions and place both the questions and the answer content into a library for all to see and learn from. I will post exercise tutorials as well just to put some specific content that I feel might be interesting or needed. So whether you are a Pilates instructor or exercise enthusiast, ask away! I am happy to offer this library membership for free to my Steele Pilates Certification students for 6 months and for everyone else, the fee will be $10/month. Site members will also have access to discount codes for Continuing Ed courses and workshops, so stay tuned!

Below you will find a recent video I filmed - a 30 minute quick and (not easy) session that uses small weighted balls and a foam roller to work up a little sweat and get you up and on your way. It was a session I had done over zoom that morning with clients and as I was cueing them, I felt that it was good for me to have the "pressure" of completing their session in 30 minutes (they had a meeting to get to) and I saw they were working hard and it seemed well rounded and complete. So I went downstairs into my basement studio and did the class for myself. This pandemic has me teaching live almost 6 days/week, so after 16 weeks of Steele Pilates 6 days a week, I am quite strong and I wasn't sure if I would feel much. But I always tell my clients that what makes Pilates great is that "it is not WHAT you do, but it is the "WAY" that you do it.....and that's what gets results. So I approached my class with that in mind and I felt good afterwards. I hope you will enjoy it and I look forward to hearing from everyone and having some great discussions.

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